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About me

I buy Classic Cars from the late ‘50s to the late ’80s
Hello, and welcome to my website. My name is David Day and I’m passionate with everything to do with classic cars from the late 1950s to the late 1980s, from Jaguars to Minis, Ford, Daimler, Wolseley to Capri, Austin to Zephyr and every make in between,

If you need to sell your lovely classic car or have something tucked away, lying in your garage, garden, or barn, waiting to be resurrected or recycled you’re in the right place. I’ve previously purchased complete collections with large amounts of memorabilia, so you could end up releasing a large sum of money. From every day drivers to complete wrecks or even in boxes!

So if you’re considering selling why not email or give me a call now, we can discuss value/viewing and a time frame when you would like to relinquish your car or collection. There’s no high pressure salesman at the end of the phone, I promise!

If you’ve inherited an old car and are not quite ready to dispose of it, I can work around your time frame. I can also appraise it for probate, please call for details,

Take a look at my car gallery to see the array of different vehicles I buy. If your car’s not there don’t worry, not everything I purchase gets uploaded.

For a ballpark figure email a few photos and description, just click “Sell your Car” and remember, the better the photos and description, the more accurate the valuation will be.

I obviously cant buy every car offered but will consider any car from the 50’s to the late 80’s from really good ultra low mileage cars to really bad cars in bits!

bullet-point-diagonal  Usable, restorable, or parts cars always wanted

bullet-point-diagonal  I also buy signs and memorabilia

bullet-point-diagonal  For a hassle free sale with full discretion or just advice
please give me a call: 07968 170363

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