How do you get three Jaguars back from Scotland in a cost-efficient way?

22 August, 2020

Having good friends and contacts you can trust is the answer.

I have recently purchased a collection of Jaguars from Donna ray in Scotland however, that is nearly 700 miles from Farnham, meaning if I had the collected the conventional way it would cost the best part of £5000.

Fortunately for me, the owner was a plant operator so we utilized shall we say a larger lorry than I would
normally that was going south empty, well to Inverness anyway, however that was the tricky part of the journey as it full of thin winning roads.

The cars spent a few nights there in the compound of a good friend of mine before being loaded on a conventional car transporter heading for Yorkshire, still a long way from Classic Car Buyer UK H.Q. 

It would be several more days before I saw the cars in real time as they were off to Cardiff next, before finally ending up in Farnham, so with some help and a little patience after 5 days traveling back and forth across the
UK  they arrived in good order.

As the cars were so far away, they were purchased purely on the description of the previous owner and a selection of good quality photos he kindly sent.

Thanks to Frank in Scotland, Morris for storage and Dave on Transport